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My latest book series that I have been reading is by Sherrilyn Kenyon, which by the way is one of my favorite author’s. Her latest series is called Deadmen Walking.

This new series is everything I could expect from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing. She creates a whole new paranormal world where the dead return to sail the open sea’s on a cursed ship that is a female who was at one time married to the ship’s captain. Now she must choose to either help him or sabotage┬áhis mission and help her sister. Will she help the captain in saving humanity or will she choose family ties above all else? Check it out at
Amazon now. Just click on the image of the book for more information. I give it five out of five stars!

So the lastet book, I just recently finished reading was Rick Warren’s “The purpose driven life”. If you are looking to figure out what you are here for then I highly recommend this book!


Welcome to my world! My real name is Sheila but my identity has now changed so I now go by the name of Shea. It is the first time that I have decided to open up and share my life and fantasy world with the public and I am super excited to begin this new chapter in my life as a writer and an audiobook narrator. I have always been a creative individual. I have been a radio show co-host, a storyteller, an actor, a painter, a ghost-hunter, a horse trainer, a computer programmer who created websites and so much more. One of my utmost passions in life are books. Where most people's escape from life these days is video games, TV, or Virtual Reality, my escape is to open a book. In any format book's have always been my escape. I can open it's pages and go to a whole new world, be anything I want to be, talk to whoever I want and see things only my imagination and the author's could create. I can have adventures I could never imagine having in real life. I can fly on the back of a dragon or run with a pack of wolves. I can even vanquish evil creatures with magic. I have met fairies, witches, sorcerer's and I have even come face to face with a vampire or two. I have had tea with the King and Queen of Camelot and stood inside an alien spaceship. I've had swordfight's, swam with mermaids and dolphins. I even had a conversation with a ladybug who told me that catching her is not lucky at all, at least in her opinion anyway. So begins this new chapter in my life. I hope you will come along and see what new adventures await.... Much Love and Light! Shea Miller

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